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Modern Supervisory Board

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We are pleased to invite you to the ‘Modern Supervisory Board’ Conference devoted to corporate governance and oversight of public companies in Poland. 

Last year brought a series of events, both in Poland and abroad, which triggered a discussion regarding the activities of supervisory boards and corporate oversight. The discussion has resulted in proposals of new legal solutions and soft regulations, which should respond to the recent challenges. The proposed solutions may give rise to a number of questions. We will try to use the opportunity to answer some of them during this event. 

During the first part of the conference, we will present the current development directions of corporate governance and market supervision in the UK.  The UK Governance Code updated and published in summer 2018 comes into effect in the beginning of 2019, shaping one of the most important and developed markets. It touches upon rather new issues, which has so far not been perceived as elements of corporate governance.  What additions have been made to the most famous set of corporate governance best practices? What has been eliminated? What is the direction of newly implemented changes and, last but not least, what can Poles learn from Britons in terms of corporate governance? We will try to answer the questions during the conference with the support of our guest experts.  

The second part of the event is devoted to recent changes in corporate oversight in Poland.  We will discuss the already implemented regulatory changes, try to answer the question of how businesses cope with the related challenges and interview our guests in relation to the newest ideas regarding market oversight enhancement. 

Participation is free of charge.

Polish and English translation will be available during the whole conference.

The event is addressed to members of supervisory boards in public companies (listed entities and financial institutions).

In order to be entered into the list of the event's participants, you need to fill in the column concerning the Supervisory Board you are a member of. The required information can be found in the registration form. 

The event will take place on 30 November 2018 at 10:00 am at Warsaw Stock Exchange at 4 Książęca Street.