CFO Strategy & Innovation Summit 2022

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“Creating Value for a Sustainable Future”
Progressing from business partnering to value partnering was the theme and thrust of the conference in 2021.  We focused on the imperative for the finance function to engage in value engineering through engagement and partnering in the business model.  In the past year however there have been significant shifts in how value is being defined and how value will be created in the future.  With the formation of ISSB and the proposed SEC ruling in the US, ESG and Sustainability implications have taken on significant and new proportions. 
The very reason for existence of each organization ultimately is that it creates value and the starting point for value creation is how value is defined by its stakeholders.  Sustainability is driving the shift from value being defined by wider stakeholders than just shareholders.  
It is critical that one recognizes that ESG is much more than just reporting.  ESG and sustainability factors fundamentally impact how the stakeholders will define value and how the enterprise deploys resources used to create value.   ESG has significant implications for Enterprise value over the short and the long term.  Therefore, decision making around resource allocation in both the short term and the long term need to take factors such as de-carbonization into account. This presents an opportunity for the finance team to apply CPAs’ and CGMAs’ skills and expertise to incorporate sustainability implications on the business model and guide the enterprise in its business model transformation, in how the enterprise creates, delivers and captures value.
Join us and your peers in our CFO Summit – Creating Value for a Sustainable Future.  We have curated key notes, discussions and workshops that will be engaging, action provoking and will generate insights for you to take back to your organizations as you look ahead to 2023 planning.  The intent is to position you to lead the integration of sustainability into your enterprise strategy and operations and for you to support the transformation of business models, to deliver high-quality internal and external reporting that will position your team to become architects of long-term value creation.


  • Sustainability and the Business Model
  • Materiality and Sustainability
  • Integration of ESG factors into business operations and decision making
  • Sustainability, Risk Management and Governance
  • Sustainability, KPIs and Reporting
  • Capital allocation and long-term investment decision making
  • External Reporting and Audit/Assurance




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